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Shubho Swagatam Pvt. Ltd.
Ranipatna, Balasore-756001 (Orissa)
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Hotel Shubham
( A Div. of Shubho Swagatam Pvt. Ltd.)
Chandipur-on- Sea
Dist: Balasore-756025 (Orissa)
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Rohini Kanta Ray
Managing Director

Mr. Rohini Kanta Ray was born at a place on the border of Orissa/Bengal, in 1936. After his schooling and Intermediate in Balasore, he left for Calcutta in 1953 for graduation. While studying at the University College of Law, he joined Hindustan Lever, then the largest multinational in India, in 1958. Mr. Ray rose up the ranks and resigned as Area Manager in 1983 to join as Regional Sales Manager with Oswals of Ludhiana and CEO of Stainco, Delhi. He had toured extensively in the States of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, U.P., Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat as a professional for 27 years, from 1958 to 1985.

Mr. Ray decided to be an entrepreneur in 1986 to establish Shubho Swagatam Pvt. Ltd. and to construct a hotel, Shubham, at Chandipur, a unique sea-beach. An erstwhile colleague late N, Das Gupta and some of Mr. Ray's brothers/sisters, in-law and last but not the least his wife, extended moral & financial support for construction of the hotel in 1987. Hotel Shubham was opened for guests in 1989 with term loan received from O.S.F.C. between 1988 & 1990.

Mr. Ray thankingly acknowledges the role of Mr. Arun Dey, then MLA, for the initial encouragement to get the loan sanctioned & to initiate the Project . Contribution of friends and relatives cannot be overstated. Bhujoy Giri, the very affable & co-operative brother-in-law, took all the burden for formation of the company along with making a foolproof Project Report. Energetic and resourceful , brother Rabi Ray selected the best site available then and helped during the initial stages of construction. Engineer Mr. Purna Chandra Mohapatra of Tulsipur , Cuttack, gave us all support & his energy , at an elderly age to see the  3 storied structure constructed within our limited resources. I can not forget in a hurry, the contribution & encouragement given by Sekhar Sarkar for his Mejda at least for the first 3 years of construction. The project could not have been feasible without all those mentioned above & certainly some others whose memory may have faded with my old age.

Mr. Ray, the promoter, continues to be the General Manager, Managing Director & Chairman of the Company with a total experience of 51 years till now. Mrs. Das Gupta, a gracious lady with outgoing personality, is the other promoter Director, based at Calculta. Prof. Lata Ray, young, active, helpful lady and eminently suitable to be a Director, is presently stationed at Cuttack. Sister Kabita Basu of Chicago is the largest stakeholder in the company.

Rohini, as he is better known to his colleagues, friends and well-wishers, is associated with some organizations and institutions : President, Chandipur and Balasore Hotel Associations; Chandipur Beach Development Committee; Chandipur Beach Festival Committee. He has represented Chandipur in various foras and interacts with Government & Tourist officials at times. Mr. Ray is extremely keen for development and promotion of Chandipur as a unique beach different from other coastal areas. He is also a member of Hotel & Restaurant Association of Orissa, Member Balasore Chamber of Industries & Commerce.

His wife, Kuntala, has been Rohinl's greatest asset since their marriage in 1961. She had planned for room arrangement and garden planning since the inception of Shubham. She always, unhesitatingly extended her hands & purse during difficult times of stress & strain for the Company. Her first Lady’s Beauty Parlor in Balasore ‘MADHUBAN’ was of great help to the family.  Rays' have two sons : Krishnendu, a Professor at New York University and Sumit, the younger one, a Senior Consultant with Sir Gangaram Hospitals, New Delhi as HOD & Vice-Chairman. Both the sons never discouraged their father in his adventure into Business without sufficient funds from their student days & in spite of financial hardship & discomfort. Whatever they have achieved are through sheer diligence, dedication & discipline. 

Rohini is fortunate to have many friends, who all have encouraged him with unsolicited help many times in different ways, Rohini gratefully acknowledge their sincere effort to make the project / Hotel viable and successful. The names are exhaustive, though some names  crop us instantly, like Roma/L.M. Mukherjee, Shelly/S.N. Mukherjee, Mrs. & Mr. Dilip Guha, Late Kamalesh &  Mrs. Purnima Chatterjee, Namita/Samir Bose, Babu Sengupta, Mrs. & Mr. Amal Sinha, Mrs. & Mr. Mukul Dutta and the list goes on & on , including Brothers, Sisters, brother/Sister-in-law.

Rohini Kanta Ray
Managing Director

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